What is Risk Consulting?

We live in an uncertain and ever-changing world, where risks to our personal security and safety can affect our daily lives.

About Risk Consulting

There are now more HNWIs, multi-millionaires and billionaires than ever before and such levels of wealth and success attract threats to personal and family security from many different quarters.

Security risks and threats can affect an individual, family, company or an organisation in varying degrees. Certain individuals, companies and/or organisations are more exposed to risks than others. HNWI’s and their families are often targeted for their wealth and status, whereas companies are at risk from a multitude of both internal and external threats. A proactive, rather than reactive strategy is required to mitigate risk and counter such threats before they become critical and in some cases life threatening.

Thieves, blackmailers, organised crime gangs (OCGs) and fraudsters target individuals, their families and businesses, while protest groups and terrorist organisations can also target and infiltrate businesses, employees and families. Disgruntled business associates, stalkers, former partners and ex-employees may also pose a threat.



Protective Services Expertise

About Risk Consulting

A trusted team by your side analysing, advising on, protecting against and mitigating threats and risks.

It may not be immediately apparent to someone with newly acquired wealth that their status can make them a target of kidnap for ransom, theft, robbery, fraud, blackmail and extortion. The phenomenal growth in HNWIs has led to an exponential increase in risk to many individuals’ personal safety and business interests. Business assets and interests may also be under threat of fraud.

It is vital to routinely conduct due diligence on key companies and individuals with whom you collaborate with and equally vetting and qualifying key staff. With a trusted team by your side analysing, advising on, protecting against and mitigating such threats, you can be confident in the knowledge that your business interests are protected and the safety and security of your family is our priority.

Our Process


Assess Risk

From personal security to high value business transactions we are the experts at assessing all risk factors.

Analyse Risk

We cross-reference our multiple intelligence sources to analyse your risk exposure.

Predict Risk

We identify vulnerabilities and work through scenarios to predict outcomes and exposure to risk.

Mitigate Risk

Protecting your family, your wealth and business interests, we instigate counter measures to mitigate risk.

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