World Class Athletes
Elite Performance Teams

The safety, security and protection of professional footballers, world-class athletes and elite performance teams is of paramount importance. We provide a world-class 360-degree protective services model to athletes, players and elite sports teams globally.

Key Services:

Professional footballers, world-class athletes and elite sports teams all have varying degrees of risk attached to their personal and family security. We provide a range of 360-degree protective services to multi-million pound sporting assets, including;

  • Protective Services Detail
  • Close Protection Services
  • Personal Security Audits
  • Family Security Risk Assessments
  • Kidnap For Ransom (KFR) Assessments
  • Stalking & Harassment
  • Blackmail & Extortion Threats
  • K9 Protective Assets For Family & Home
  • Defensive & Evasive Driver Training
  • Self-Defence & Edged Weapons Training
  • Residential Security Audits
  • Reputation Management
  • Privacy & Defamation
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
  • Intelligence-Gathering & Reporting

We have more than 25 years’ experience advising sports stars and elite world-class performance athletes, protecting their reputations and integrity.

We understand the unique world in which world-class athletes, footballers and elite sports teams need to be protected and the very different way in which their lifestyles operate.

A number of professional footballers, managers and sports stars have been subjected to armed robberies in their homes, carjacking, smear campaigns and accusations of serious sexual assault. Almost all of these threats and risks are intentionally targeted with a single purpose in mind: to smear, blackmail or extort money.

As a result of this and other threats to sports stars, i5 Risk developed a best-in-class, 360-degree protective services model. It is uniquely designed to provide a wrap-around suite of close protective services and intelligence-gathering for any footballer, world-class athlete or sports team.

Our protective services operators, team leaders and operational directors are all ex-UKSF, specialist protective detail (law enforcement) and OGA. They have guarded high-profile individuals, foreign dignitaries, diplomats, royalty and high-net-worth individuals.

We provide a unique, bespoke set of protective services, from residential security audits and planning, protective service teams, defensive and evasive driver training to the supply and provision of highly trained K9 assets to protect families.

Our Process


Assess Risk

From personal security to high value business transactions we are the experts at assessing all risk factors.

Analyse Risk

We cross-reference our multiple intelligence sources to analyse your risk exposure.

Predict Risk

We identify vulnerabilities and work through scenarios to predict outcomes and exposure to risk.

Mitigate Risk

Protecting your family, your wealth and business interests, we instigate counter measures to mitigate risk.

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