High Net Worth Individuals & Private Family Offices

Our founder has more than 25 years’ experience advising the rich and famous, high-net-worth individuals and private family offices, providing both intelligence and protective security services at the highest levels.

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Key Services:

Each client is unique in their own circumstances and requirements for specialist security services. We provide an extensive range of uniquely tailored services focussed on protecting your family, wealth, assets and business interests.

  • Close Protection Services
  • Personal Security Audits
  • Family Security Risk Assessments
  • Kidnap For Ransom (KFR) Assessments
  • Blackmail & Extortion Threats
  • K9 Protective Assets For Family & Home
  • Defensive & Evasive Driver Training
  • Self Defence & Edged Weapons Training
  • Physical & Technical Surveillance
  • Enhanced Vetting Staff
  • Residential Security Audits
  • Reputation Management
  • Privacy & Defamation
  • Electronic Penetration Testing (Security Systems)
  • IOT Penetration Testing – ‘The Internet Of Things’ (Ethical Hacking )

The Private Family Office (PFO) of HNWIs have usually achieved great financial wealth and status through the success of their business and intellectual interests, while others have inherited family wealth and fortunes.

All HNWIs and PFOs are primary targets for criminals, highly experienced fraudsters and individuals seeking to extort and blackmail for financial gain. The personal safety of families and love ones is of paramount importance at all times. In extreme cases, the super wealthy are targeted and designated Kidnap For Ransom (KFR) by Organised Crime Gangs (OCGs).

The business interests and wealth management of a Private Family Office are also the subject of targeted surveillance, high-scale fraud and theft.

There are also many cases where HNWIs and the PFO are targeted in more sophisticated ways such as blackmail, entrapment and extortion. Individuals will often conspire with others – frequently insiders or employees of the PFO – to obtain and use compromising information against the HNWI. Sometimes even the most trusted employees, who are privy to the inner workings of the PFO or the personal and business dealings of the HNWI, are the source of high-scale fraud and blackmail. Often these people rely on their close and trusted status to defraud the HNWI.

Property acquisition and disposal are two of the major investment vehicles and asset bases for a HNWI and PFO. It is also one of the most lucrative channels for money laundering and fraud by OCGs and others. It is therefore of paramount importance with high-value transactions that meticulous due diligence and enhanced vetting is conducted on key employees and individuals in your inner circle.

Our Process


Assess Risk

From personal security to high value business transactions we are the experts at assessing all risk factors.

Analyse Risk

We cross-reference our multiple intelligence sources to analyse your risk exposure.

Predict Risk

We identify vulnerabilities and work through scenarios to predict outcomes and exposure to risk.

Mitigate Risk

Protecting your family, your wealth and business interests, we instigate counter measures to mitigate risk.

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