Proactive Intelligence

We believe in a proactive – rather than reactive – philosophy when it comes to protecting our clients’ interests. With i5 Risk, our teams will provide proactive risk management and mitigation, whereby we assess and analyse the risks attached to you, your family, business, organisation or department. We go further by delving deeper into subject matter, extrapolating multiple intelligence streams and sources to build a proactive intelligence picture on your behalf. Using analysts, intelligence experts, law enforcement operators and other specialists, we ensure you are protected and your risks are mitigated.

Proactive Intelligence Key Services:

Every project is unique and requires meticulous intelligence sourcing and gathering. We can provide a wide scope of intelligence-led services to HNWIs and corporate organisations.

  • Corporate Intelligence-Gathering
  • Counterterrorism Planning & Consulting
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Subject & Specialist Surveillance
  • Cyber & Communications Security
  • Asset Transit Protection & Recovery

Our Process


Assess Risk

From personal security to high value business transactions we are the experts at assessing all risk factors.

Analyse Risk

We cross-reference our multiple intelligence sources to analyse your risk exposure.

Predict Risk

We identify vulnerabilities and work through scenarios to predict outcomes and exposure to risk.

Mitigate Risk

Protecting your family, your wealth and business interests we instigate counter measures to mitigate risk.
Our Services

We provide our clients with a 360-degree protective services model facilitating strategic and tactical advice with a wide range of specialist services, including:

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